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Occupational Health and Safety, Animal Welfare and Environmental Protection

The Infection Protection Concept of JMU was Cancelled

Dear students and lecturers, dear staff members,

as of March 01, 2023, restrictions imposed by Corona regulations and general orders of the State Ministry of Health and Care have ceased to apply. All masking obligations as well as test verification obligations ended at the end of February 28, 2023.

The infection protection concept of JMU was therefore also cancelled as of February 28, 2023.

In light of this, we kindly ask you to remove the Corona Hygiene Protection notices and signage posted within your area. Moreover, please refer to the University Hospital regulations.Furthermore, we recommend all employees and students of the University of Würzburg:

> Sick persons with symptoms of transmissible infectious diseases should not participate in university activities on site in the future.
> Maintain general hygiene and ventilation measures in everyday life.
> Vaccination protects! Please take advantage of existing immunization opportunities.

At this point, we would like to thank you once again for supporting the Corona measures and thus helping to ensure that research, teaching, studying and working continued to be possible at our university during the time of the pandemic.

Kind regards,
Your COVID-19 Task Force of the JMU

Prof. Dr. Paul Pauli, Prof. Dr. Volker Behr, Prof. Dr. Lars Dölken, Prof. Dr. Andreas Dörpinghaus, Prof. Dr. Doris Fischer, Stella Gaus, Dr. Uwe Klug, Sven Winzenhörlein