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    Ann-Kathrin Bergmann

    10. Semester

    Having participated in Würzburg's NMUN project last year I found it to be an enriching and thought-provoking experience. You immerse yourself in the parallel universe called Model United Nations, the complexities of international politics while adopting the mindset of a foreign country and learning so much virtually effortlessly. As a coach I want to provide a positive, encouraging environment for the delegates to thrive: shedding their biases by changing their perspective and stepping out of their comfort zone while acquiring a new skill set or practicing public speaking or negotiation. As a delegation, you learn and develop together, and finally go out into the world and apply what you have learned in a challenging context. I wish to shape a group experience beneficial for everyone and facilitate personal and professional growth. As a project organized by students, NMUN also requires taking the initiative and assuming responsibility. I want to support the new delegation with advice and assistance on every step of their way to New York and encourage them to always stay critical and curious.    

    Jan-Philipp Heilmann

    8. Semester
    Computer Science

    Being part of the NMUN delegation 2017 in Würzburg was a unique experience for me. I learned a lot about international relations and acquired an understanding for how hard it can be to find solutions to complex problems. As coach, I hope to enable this year’s delegation to make similar good experiences. 

    Lisa Herbert

    5. Semester

    The NMUN-experiences are one of a kind. To learn about them from another perspective and to see all participates grow both individually and as a team from the very beginning is just one of the many things I am looking for. For me as a coach there are new exciting challenges to face as well. But it also means to be part of this unforgettable project a bit longer, which is just great. I'm sure we all will have an awesome time.