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    NMUN Delegation

    Faculty Advisor - Tuğba Karagöz

    In diesem Jahr unterstützt Tuğba Karagöz unsere Delegation als Faculty Advisor. Mit Rat und Fachwissen steht sie uns zur Seite und begleitet uns auf unserem Weg nach New York. Bis zum März ist viel Arbeit zu erledigen, denn schließlich gilt es nicht nur ein fremdes Land ins Detail kennen zu lernen, sondern auch die zum Teil sehr verwirrenden Strukturen der UN zu verstehen. Wir danken Tuğba sehr herzlich für ihr Engagement und freuen uns schon sehr auf die intensive und interessante gemeinsame Zeit!

    Grußwort der FA

    The phenomenon that every generation believes the world will end within their lifetime has lately become more evident. The drastically growing uncertainty about our future has reportedly led to an increase in anxiety disorders. Survivalism and apocalypticism have been taken to a new level by preppers on the one hand and those who adopt carpe diem lifestyles on the other. While this is the apparent reality, social sciences generally fail to understand and analyze it, let alone provide us with solutions to deal with the problems it brings.

    I believe that it is quite unlikely that the world will end within my generation’s lifetime. However, it is undeniable that the world we live in is self-destructive. The alarming climate change, increasing global inequality and economic crises, never-ending wars in every side of the world and terrorism, which hits now even the Western countries more often than ever, are the immediate signals of self-destruction. Moreover, we occasionally experience an international political conflict, albeit on social media, that might lead to a nuclear war. As if these are not enough reasons to depress people, Stephen Hawking, one of the most prominent scientists of our time, occasionally warns us about the technology, that the artificial intelligence might mean the end of humanity.

    This year, the Würzburg Delegation to the Model United Nations will practice the operation of the United Nations and world politics in connection with these overarching global problems. The purpose of the Model United Nations project is to prepare each student as “delegate” and the team as “delegation” for the Model United Nations Conference that will take place at the UN Headquarters in New York in March 2018. The Würzburg Delegation is assigned to represent Afghanistan, which, I believe will help to expand students’ horizon about the global conjuncture. For the purpose of preparation for the New York Conference, the Würzburg Delegation will attend national conferences in Hamburg and Erfurt, and visit the Afghan Embassy and relevant NGOs in Berlin.

    I am happy to act as the faculty advisor to such a Delegation that comprises young students that would neither hide and prepare for a disaster nor give up and seize the day. Instead, the Würzburg Delegation is comprised of young individuals who are ready to take responsibility for a better future. I am grateful to all sponsors that support the Würzburg students in their endeavor to be part of those who will make the world a bit more peaceful.