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Research Funding - Internal Funding Programmes

Networking, international visibility and the development of an independent research profile are of great importance for scientists. This is hardly conceivable without the acquisition of third-party funding. External funding plays a decisive role not only for established scientists, but also for early career researchers. The University of Würzburg is actively committed to providing targeted support to its researchers at all career stages.

As part of JMU's University Agreement (2023 to 2027) with the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts, JMU offers various internal research funding programmes. The JMU Mobility Fellowship enables scientists (doctoral researchers to junior professors) to complete a research stay of 1 to 3 months abroad. A JMU Seed Grant supports early career researchers with a doctorate who are preparing a third-party funding application for an individual project for the first time. The Emil Hilb Programme II ist aimed at designated spokespersons in the application process for collaborative research projects.

In addition, the IZKF offers various research funding programmes for scientists at the Faculty of Medicine.


JMU Mobility Fellowship

  • Research stay abroad lasting 1-3 months
  • Target group: doctoral researchers, postdocs, habilitation candidates, junior research group leaders, junior professors (pay grade W1)
  • Funding: up to €15,000

JMU Seed Grant

  • Support with proposals for individual projects
  • Target group: early career researchers with a doctoral degree
  • Funding: up to €30,000

Emil Hilb Programme II

  • Support with applications for profile-building collaborative research projects
  • Target group: spokespersons of collaborative projects
  • Funding: up to €200,000