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    Sonderforschungsbereich Transregio 34 (2006-2018)


    Isotopo Data Classifier (IDC)

    Isotopo Data Classifier (IDC), towards automatic isotopomer data extraction, classification, standardization and management using a newly proposed special purpose data classifier based on supervised machine learning principles. IDC is an integrated module of a product line application i.e. Software for Biological Experimental Data Analysis (SBEDA), capable of automatically extracting data from different formats, classifying in to the standardized data format compatible to the software application i.e. Isotopo (towards mass isotopomers distribution analysis) and managing in database as well as third party independent file based data management system. IDC is designed with software engineering principles and implemented using Microsoft Dot Net framework, tested in house and validated using metabolic experimental data.


    IDC Graphical User Interface

    IDC is an integrated module of Isotopo, implemented in Microsoft Visual Studio Dot Net (C#), integrating formal unified modelling language to scheme from different perspectives and incorporating human computer interaction guidelines, principles and patterns.

    IDC is a freely available software application for the academic use with an open license. Please write a request at provided contacts.


    Related Publication:

    • Ahmed Z., Saman Z., Huber C., Hensel M., Schomburg D., Münch R., Eylert E., Eisenreich W., Dandekar T. 'Isotopo' a Database Application for Facile Analysis and Management of Mass Isotopomer Data, Database: The Journal of Biological Databases and Curation, Oxford University Press, 2014

    Conference Appearances:

    • Zeeshan A., Eisenreich E., Dandekar T. Intelligent Metabolic Isotopomer Data Extraction, Classification, Standardization and Management, New England Database Summit (NEDB), CSAIL, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, 2013.

    Dr. Zeeshan AHMED
    Scientific Software Engineer

    Prof. Thomas Dandekar Group;
    Funct. Genomics & Systems Biology.
    Department of Bioinformatics;
    Biocenter, University of Wuerzburg.
    Am Hubland 97074,
    Wuerzburg Germany.