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    Sonderforschungsbereich Transregio 34 (2006 - 2018)

    Advance Product Data Analysis & Management

    Advance Product Data Analysis & Management (ADAM)

    Intelligent integrated data management to model and monitor pathophysiological cascades in thrombosis and hemostasis.

    This research is to design and support the medicine community with the proposition and implementation of an innovative initiative, addressing major challenges of providing optimal management of a certain diagnosis, working rapidly under emergency conditions, protecting personal data, coupling individual patient data with general repositories, allowing therapy monitoring, analyzing individual variations with the and incorporation golden standard therapy guidelines with the proposition of high quality integrated Product Data Management solution, expecting a broad acceptance in European/International industry for better data analysis, efficeint management and global usage.

    Figure: ADAM; Concept.

    In this research, mainly the challenge for high quality healthcare and ageing is addressed to provide a new comprehensive solution towards Personal Health Systems Implementation for Patient Guidance Services (PGS), safety healthcare record information reuse (with disease management) with integrated solution for the information infrastructure of larger repositories. The subject Health is aligned with the fundamental objectives of medicine related research to improve the health of living beings and increase the competitiveness of health related services, socio economic dimensions of health care and global clinical data sharing. The focus is on one specific aspect of Bioinformatical analysis of molecular processes involved in cardiovascular diseases offering integrated software solutions to model and analyze this together with application oriented data frameworks. The aim of this research is to enable living beings to live longer independently in good health by increasing the average number of healthy life years to improve the sustainability and efficiency of our social and healthcare systems. Furthermore scope is up to the proposition of creating innovative products and services (global health care management system) for international markets.

     Figure: HCM; Concept.

    Each section of health care management system has independent data and management system to maintain it. The job of existing data management systems is limited up to the data storing, managing and sharing to limited number of people. Mainly data (associated to each section) is divided in to categories: private and public. In most of the cases private data is personal (patient, clinic and business) and not shared outside the boundaries of unless it is really needed where is public data is available at open access to people (e.g. notifications, warnings, guidelines and advertisements etc.). The existing health care community (Europe or even Worldwide) doesn’t have such health care data management solution which could offer a life cycle management system capable of providing the treatment life cycle data management of the patient (caused with any kind of disease), patient life cycle management maintaining individual patient data history, help in analyzing the individual and accumulative changes in a person’s life over time caused by aging, hospital life cycle management and global information (only public) sharing among medicinal and related communities

     Related Recent Publications:

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    Conference Appearances:

    • Zeeshan A. Efficient Data Management, Intelligent Information Retrieval and Flexible User Interface in PDM Systems. 5th Annual New England Data Base Summit (NEDB Summit), The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, 2012.
    • Zeeshan A. Intelligent Information Retrieval and Flexible GUI in PDM Systems. Intelligent Information Management, Information and Communication Technology Research (ICT), Information and Networking Day, European Commission, Jean Monnet Conference Centre, Luxembourg, 2011.

    Contact Person:

    Dr. Zeeshan AHMED
    Scientific Software Engineer

    Prof. Thomas Dandekar Group;
    Funct. Genomics & Systems Biology.
    Department of Bioinformatics;
    Biocenter, University of Wuerzburg.
    Am Hubland 97074,
    Wuerzburg Germany.