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More Tips

Work Off the Check List

For now, your most important task is to go through our Check List completely.

If you have dealt with every item, there will be nothing to keep you from successfully starting your studies at Würzburg, and you may return to these web pages.

The tips on this page constitute helpful, but not absolutely indispensable information for first-semester students.

Site Maps of the University Buildings

The  Site Maps will help you find the individual buildings and institutions of the University of Würzburg.

Check Out the Notice Boards!

During the first two weeks of the lecturing period, times and rooms for individual classes may have to be changed sometimes. New classes might be offered, or others may have to be cancelled. These changes will be posted on the notice boards ("Schwarze Bretter") in the respective departments. They will also keep you informed of other current events, e.g. the dates for orientation meetings, etc.

Profit from Student Benefits

As a student, you are eligible for a number of benefits. Here are some examples:

  • Semester Ticket: Your student identification doubles as a ticket for using public transportation in Würzburg, together with your personal ID card. The price for the Semester Ticket will be collected when you register, respectively re-register. The Semester Ticket is mandatory for all students of the University of Würzburg. For details, go to VVM or Studierendenwerk.
  • Dining: The Studierendenwerk offers inexpensive meals at the "Mensa" dining facilities and in its cafeterias.
  • The student dormitories provide inexpensive housing.
  • Under certain conditions, students who live alone may be exempted from radio/TV license fees, which are compulsory in Germany ("GEZ-Befreiung"). They will have to apply with the authority charged with the collection of these fees, the GEZ.
  • Students exempt from radio/TV fees, or students who are blind, deaf, or suffering from speech impediments (at a minimum of 90%), can apply for a special tariff at German Telekom, which is reduced by EUR 7.00/month.
  • Student tariffs from health insurance providers: For further information, go to dewion.
  • Reduced admission at museums, movie theaters, public pools, and many other facilities - it pays to have your student ID with you wherever you go!
  • Many banks have reduced rates for students - it pays to shop around and compare prices.
  • Many newspapers and magazines offer low-priced subscriptions for students.

For more student tariffs and discounts, see and

Financial Support

Financial support information with respect to scholarships and support for graduates/post-graduates.


Since you have to live somewhere, see our overview of accommodaton options (dormitories, housing agencies, etc.) in Würzburg.


Register your Place of Residence, and Be Refunded the Price of Your Semester Ticket

Everybody who moves to a new place of residence must register at City Hall's Registration Office within one week, according to the German Registration Act - if not, there will be considerable fines. This also applies to second homes.

Registration pays: Students who register their principal residence at Würzburg and live there during the semester will be refunded the price of the Semester Ticket at the end of the semester. This is valid for two semesters altogether - more information at City Hall, Room 34.

Leisure Activities

Würzburg - City informations

So now you find yourself in this strange city, and you don't know what's on offer. Public pools? Museums? Parks? Nice
places outside city limits? Find information about your new home on the University's Stadtinfo pages and at Stadt Würzburg.


If you're into Science, Culture, and the Arts, then have a look at the schedule of events or at the local schedule of the City of Würzburg.

And if you're more of a night person, then we recommend the sites and ou may also want to check the latest on-line edition of FRIZZ, the Würzburg city magazine.

Social Contacts

Feeling lonely? Register with the studiVZ Internet student community, and perhaps you'll even meet your new classmates before the semester starts.