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Tipps for room hunting

In contrast to some other countries, students in Germany do not receive accommodation automatically from the university. Students must therefore rely on themselves and find their own lodging.

There are basically two kinds of accommodation: Accommodation of the „Studierendenwerk“ or private rooms/student halls. Rooms of „Studierendenwerk“ are usually furnished (bed, closet, table, and shelves). Bedding, linens and towels (and sometimes dishes) must be brought by the student. Private rooms are in most cases unfurnished.

As it is not easy to find accommodation in German university towns, we try to provide you with the most important information in this reference guide.
Please keep in mind: You are not alone hunting for a room! Hundreds of other students (German and international) are searching for accommodation. So be prepared to look for housing further away than 5 minutes from your department building. The more flexible you are, the better chances are of you finding something.

You can also look for accommodation in the towns nearby such as Gerbrunn,  Veitshöchheim, Zell, Höchberg, Randeracker etc. Your semester ticket is also valid in the sourrounding of Wuerzburg. Your semster ticket will be valid also in Ochsenfurt, Kitzingen or Karlstadt that are small towns with low rents but you will need at least 15-20 minutes to reach Würzburg Main Station.


Student Services/Studierendenwerk Würzburg

In Germany, student dormitories are not managed by the universities themselves, but by self-contained organizations named Studierendenwerk. For more information and application forms, please see the Studierendenwerk-website for Würzburg:

There you'll also find an overview of the dormitories as well as an move-in-guide.

You should be quick to reserve your space in a dormitory, as there may be shortages at times.

Living in a shared flat (WG) or flat on you own

Private shared flats (called Wohngemeinschaften in German, or just WG) are probably the most popular form of accommodation. Several students look for a flat together and each has their own room, while sharing kitchen and bathroom. The occupants also share the rent.

If you go hunting for a WG or flat on your one, you can find rooms on offer at:
local website with lots of rooms on offer
local newspaper with rooms for rent on
Wednesday and Saturday.

HC24 Homecompany
Start a search order (for free and without obligations) or take your time and find the right dwelling from our extensive portfolio.
Rooms mainly in flat share communitiesürzburg,wohnungssuche.html
Accommodation exchange service for landlords and students. Email notification
on the latest flats.
Accomodation exchange service for WGs

Private Landlords / Landladies

  • On their website the Sprecherrat (Student Representatives´ Council of the University of Würzburg) posts a list of rooms to rent from private landlords/landladies, which will help you find accommodation at short notice (mostly in shared apartments).
  • Accommodation service of the Student Representatives’ Council (Sprecherrat der Studierendenvertretung der Universität, Room 111, Neue Mensa, Am Hubland, hours Monday through Friday, 9 - 13, Phone +49 931/888-5819) advise and assist students in renting privately-owned rooms. It is advisable to go to these offices as early as possible before the beginning of the semester. Information about rooms cannot be given in writing.

Other student halls

Student halls in Würzburg (not from the Studierendenwerk)

Studentenburse e.V.,

Hofstallstr. 4a, Tel.: 0931/51 108,

Online application on the individual websites:

Verein Studentenwohnheim des BLLV e.V.


Student hall Adam-Stegerwald-Haus

Gneisenaustr. 24 A-D,


Haus St. Lioba

Berliner Platz 3 und 4,
Kroatengasse 15,

Prices for rent upon request! Women only!

St. Gabriel Wohnheim

Friedenstraße 3

Information at Missionsärztliches Institut:
Fon: 0049- 931/791 2729 


Haus St. Michael

Marianhillstraße 1 c

Information at Missionsärztliches Institut:
Fon: 0049- 931/791 2729

Wohnheim „Ratisbona“

Ursulinergasse 1,

Fon: 0049 931-450800 (Frau Schmitt/Herr Stottko),

Studentenhaus Würzburg zwischen Uni und FH

Ottostr. 12+14
Fon: 0049 931-20 50 668
about 80 rooms, flat share with 2,3,4,5 or 6 others

CVJM Würzburg

Christlicher Verein Junger Menschen Würzburg e.V.
Wilhelm-Schwinn-Platz 2
Fon: 0049 931- 30 41 92 – 72

Short-Term Accomodation

HC24 Homecompany, möblierte Zimmer und Wohnungen auf Zeit, Zellerstr. 16, 97082 Würzburg, Tel.: (0931) 1 94 45 Fax: (0931) 41 66 44,

Jugendherberge (Youth Hostel): Jugendgästehaus Burkarderstr. 44, 97082 Würzburg, Phone: +49 931/42590, E-Mail

Furnished rooms for temporary residence during the absence of original tenants are also offered on the Internet , e. g. at, or