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    NMUN Delegation


    Da das Model United Nations-Projekt für die Mitglieder der Delegation mit erheblichen Kosten verbunden ist, ist es die Aufgabe dieses Teams, Sponsoren zu finden, die Teile des Gesamtbetrags übernehmen oder bereit sind, uns anderweitig zu unterstützen (z.B. mit Informationsmaterial, einem Gastgeschenk für ReferentInnen oder Verköstigung für unser Kennenlernwochenende).

    Annika Bogaschewsky

    Political and Social Studies & English and American Studies, 5th semester

    I have always been very interested in other countries, including their political system, geography and culture. It was part of the reason I decided to study PSS and English/American Studies; and it also motivated me to apply for this year's NMUN Delegation! The project is a great opportunity to think outside the box as you represent different countries that you might have known nothing about beforehand. At the same time, you can dive into interesting and diverse topics, like human rights or peace and security issues. By having the hands-on experience of participating in MUN conferences in Europe and NYC, I hope to gain a more practical understanding of international politics and the United Nations, specifically. Besides that, improving valuable soft skills like debating and holding speeches is another big advantage of the project to me. Last, but not least, I'm looking forward to meeting people from all over the world at the MUNs and, of course, having lots of fun together as a delegation.  I'm excited to start this adventure! 

    Anika Scheffler

    German, Political and Social Studies & German as a Second Language, 7th semester

    Dag Hammarskjold, who served as second Secretary-General of the United Nations once said „Everything will be all right - you know when? When people, just people, stop thinking of the United Nations as a weird Picasso abstraction and see it as a drawing they made themselves.“

    Unfortunately, the complexity of international politics often leads to a lack of understanding and plenty of criticism towards the United Nations. I am convinced that participating in the NMUN will help me to reach a deeper understanding of international politics’ processes and its dimensions. This understanding will help me personally and as a teacher, to bring close not only a theoretical but also a practical political understanding.


    Benedikt Lasar

    Modern China, 7th semester / Political and Social Studies & Economics, 1st semester

    All in all, the Model United Nations are about pretending. We pretend to represent a country that none of us ever even visited. We pretend to write resolutions, but they have no effect whatsoever. What is real, is our dedication to our delegation, this program and to the United Nations. My first MUN, the Asian International Model United Nations 2018 in Beijing, China, had me hooked quickly. I’m honored to be part of the delegation of Würzburg University, to learn more about Rwanda, the UN and diplomacy in general. For now, MUN is just about pretending, but will hopefully be the start of something very real. Cheers! 

    Benedikt Sedlbauer

    Geography & Economics, 3rd semester

    We are living in a world where conflicts are increasingly having global impacts, so solutions can only be found on a global basis. For this purpose, it is necessary to create a global forum for discussion and exchange. The UN, with its 193 members, has achieved exactly that. That's precisely why I find it very exciting to look behind the scenes and see what the everyday life of the members of the United Nations looks like. Isn't it impressive that there is an institution where the USA and North Korea sit at the same table at the same time? Therefore, I really look forward to meeting exciting people and witnessing interesting stories on our way to New York. 

    Moritz Bauer

    Food Chemistry, 1st semester

    As a student of a scientific subject, I have not had the opportunity to gain extensive insight into political decision making. Therefore, I feel truly honored to be a part of this year’s NMUN delegation. Nowadays, I feel like there are many unanswered questions about concerning topics like increasing levels of greenhouse gas emissions, ongoing deforestation or sustainable food production, to name but a few. To find the best possible solutions, I consider it imperative to implement scientific perspectives into policymaking. NMUN is the perfect way for students to gain first-hand experiences in international politics and to develop a feeling of responsibility towards current challenges from a foreign country’s perspective. Additionally, I have started to truly appreciate the values of multilateralism and political cooperation, which I consider very enriching. I am therefore really looking forward to having a rewarding time and lots of fun with the other delegates in the next couple of months.