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    NMUN Delegation


    Das Content Team ist verantwortlich für Vorträge, Meetings und inhaltliche Bereicherung der Delegation. Dazu zählt neben der Organisation der WüMUN, die Organisation der Treffen in Berlin (enge Zusammenarbeit mit Orga-Germany), Kontakt zu Ministerien und Referenten, die uns bei unserer Vorbereitung unterstützen können. 

    Carolin Funcke

    Political and Social Studies, 3rd semester  

    Diplomacy is the key to peace and successful international cooperation. I am therefore honoured to be part of the NMUN Delegation and looking forward to further expand my knowledge. NMUN doesn’t only give me the chance to speak formally and in front of an audience, but also makes me think bigger. Debating as delegations from other countries helps me to question my own opinion on certain topics and to see the world and international politics from a different point of view. We can only tackle our current global challenges by finding compromises and common ground. I am happy to master our “little” challenges together and as a result of teamwork.  

    Daniel Isenberg

    Political and Social Studies, 7th semester

    In our MUNs we follow in the footsteps of real diplomats, acquiring the skill sets needed to resolve conflicts and challenges of international concern and gaining insight into the inner workings of the UN and national foreign services. Theoretical knowledge which we have acquired in the classroom now becomes practically relevant as we learn how to negotiate and assert our countries positions.By representing the Republic of Rwanda we are also granted the opportunity to understand what impacts upheavals on the global stage can have on national politics and the lives of the individuals. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the ensuing Balkan Wars as well as the dramatic failure of US interventionism in Somalia in 1993 all undermined the international community’s readiness to commit to a desperately needed intervention in Rwanda during the preventable genocide and civil war of 1994; costing up to a million lives and leaving no child alive that had not witnessed the gruesome horrors of ethnic mass killings. This graphically demonstrated how multilateral institutions like the UN - often seen as distant from everyday life - have the potential of saving the individual from the worst of harm and illuminating humanity’s path to peace and unity; provided that the Member States hold true to their commitments. The prospect of becoming a part of this valiant effort towards spreading peace and security among humankind is what drives me to pursue a career in international politics and motivates me to work hard as a member of this year’s NMUN Delegation.

    Lea Schäfer

    Law, 3rd semester

    It is a great honor for me to be part of this year’s delegation. Since having lived in Geneva, Switzerland, I got quite interest in international politics and diplomacy. NMUN is a good opportunity to get an insight into how the UN works, what I personally consider as a great chance as I could imagine working in diplomacy in the future. The project adds something special to my law studies, where I am also rather interested in the international and humanitarian law. I am looking forward to the next month and the coming events in a fantastic team with a lot of knowledge, ambition and humor.  

    Manuel Münch

    Political and Social Studies, 5th semester

    I applied for NMUN because i think this is a great opportiunity to see how complex and most of the time unseen political decision making is done. Especially the UN is a political organisation that isn`t in the public focus that often but actually has to make many and often times hard decisions in an international arena with a lot of different interests. Im happy that I can take part in a project that tries to simulate these situations accurately and connects interested students from all around the world.