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1.5 - Servicezentrum Forschung und Technologietransfer (SFT)

Winter School 2019

To accelerate the international exchange of knowledge and techonlogy the Julius-Maximillians-University organized the Winter School 2019. Invited were Ukrainian scientists and students from the Iwan-Franko-University Lwiw and Kyiv Academic University.

From the 11th of November until the 15th of November, delegates of the three universities gave and attended lectures, presentations and workshops. Furthermore, our visitors had the opportunity to experience up close what the innovative branches of the Julius-Maximilians-university and the regional economy have to offer.

11th November

Vice president Prof. Dr. Barış Kabak  opened the event as he greeted our Ukrainian guests in the plenary hall at the "Neue Universität” . After an initial meet and greet, Mr. Pilischenko held a presentation about “Business formation at the JMU”. In the Afternoon, our guests had the opportunity to visit the ZDI - Zentrum für Digitale Innovationen Mainfranken.

12th November

On the second day of the Winter School the Ukrainian scientists and students gave different presentations. In the Afternoon, two workshops took place with topics like problems in urban areas or sustainability. Through these workshops, students from both countries could gain new insights on unknown problems in terms of these topics and on approaches to their solution.


13th November

A guest lecture by Mr Seubert gave an overview of the research field from Prof. Dr. Winkelmann holder of the char business studies and business inforamtion systems. At the Gottfried-Landwehr-Labor für Nanotechnologie, our guests could visit a state of the art research facility. To top of this enlightening day, Dr. Anette Köster held a presentation about "Quality Management at the JMU".


14th November

 Prof. Dr. L. Worschech opened the penultimate day with his “Impuls” lecture, followed by Dr. Furgala and Prof. Dr. Dyyak from the Iwan-Franko-University. The  Technologiey Center and Business incubator Würzburg (TGZ) provided our guests with valuable information on star-up possibilities in the Mainfranken region and on the different ways the JMU supports its students, employees and associates with their start-up ideas and plans. Furthermore, an in-depth tour at the Breuning Aerospace enterprise gave a glance of their innovative projects.


15th Novmeber

Two presentations filled the last day of this year’s winter school. First, Mrs. Rosenfeldt presented "Opportunities for spin-offs at the University of Würzburg". Finally, our ESF-PROMPTNET cooperation partner of many years Jürgen Zinecker introduced   Axsol limited liability company. Axsol designs, develops and produces completely self-sufficient power systems for mobile use. Additionally, they engage actively in humanitarian aid in regions requiring aid.