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DIES Webinar Series

Creating Impact with Science Marketing

Despite the growing demand of the public, policy-makers and the media, many scientists, HE Institutions and Research Organizations still find it difficult to successfully explain and publicize their activities or to understand and respond to people’s hopes and concerns about their work. Aiming to fill this gap the DIES Webinar series on Creating impact with science marketing provided its participants with insights into theory and practice on three levels of planning and conceptual design for impact with the potential to shape their future trans-sectoral interactions.

15.06.2020 - Science Marketing

The first webinar on June 15th 2020 offered a general overview on science marketing and the building blocks of conceptual communication design for research entities/projects.

17.06.2020 - Social Media & Digital Scholarship

Today verbs like “googling”, “liking” and “troll” are sufficiently recognized to merit inclusion in the Oxford English Dictionary. The operators “@” and “#” permeate our everyday communication – and research and higher education is not immune. Social media tools and services not only provide means of promoting visibility for research entities and projects but can also support your research and career goals.

The DAAD DIES webinar on “Social Media & Digital Scholarship” highlighted ways to harvest the benefits of putting social media to use in a scholarly environment.

30.06.2020 - Managing Public Affairs

The capacity to imagine and communicate about futures is a crucial element of socio-technological development – and for sustainable research funding. To name some recent examples, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology or the Green Deal are tokens of such possible futures which frame the discourse and narratives about good and adverse futures and which have set long-term agendas for public support on a national and international level. New public management and the perception of research and innovation as the main route to address societal challenges created a new form of governmentality that calls for attention to stakeholder engagement with a multitude of publics. Therefore, the third webinar of the series explored the strategic implementation of public affairs management and lobbying for a research agenda.