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    Graduate Program Immunomodulation

    Kuric, Martin

    Name: Martin Kuric

    PI: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Regina Ebert

    Institute: Bernhard-Heine-Centre for Locomotive Research, University of Würzburg

    Funding: DFG SPP 2084 "µbone": Colonization and interaction of tumor cells within the bone microenvironment

    Project: I am characterizing the strong physical interaction that appears between cancerous myeloma cells and the cells of the bone marrow.
    To do so, I use a 2D-co-culture model of human primary MSCs and myeloma cell lines, mainly INA-6.
    I believe that even a small fraction of myeloma cells adhering tightly with mesenchymal stem cells can play a big role in the disease!
    My methods comprise advanced microscopy techniques (such as time-lapse acquisitions using digital holotomographic microscopy), the tools of molecular biology of course (RNAseq, lots of qPCR, and maybe RNAi), but also python programming to solve any data-related problems that I keep facing