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    Graduate Program Immunomodulation

    Jorgacevic, Ivana

    Name: Ivana Jorgacevic

    PI: Prof. Dr. Alma Zernecke-Madsen

    Institute: Institute for Experimental Biomedicine II, University Hospital Wuerzburg

    Funding: Transregio 211 (GvH/GvL)

    Project: Clinical studies show that patients surviving more than 2 years after HSCT face severe cardiovascular problems and show an increased mortality due to heart failure. We are therefore interested in the immune interaction between atherosclerosis as the disease causing  cardiovascular disease and GvHD. As T cells are the main driver of GvHD and at the same time are well known players in atherosclerosis, our main focus is on the T cell response.
     * GvHD (Graft-versus-Host Disease),
     * HSCT (Hematopoietic Stem-Cell Transplantation)