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    ZINF Research Center for Infectious Diseases

    Scientific Programm

    ZINF 25th Anniversary Symposium
    November 14th, 2018

    Research Center for Infectious Diseases (ZINF)/
    Institute of Molecular Infection Biology (IMIB)
    Josef-Schneider-Str. 2/D15, 97080 Würzburg
    Main Lecture Hall


    10:15      25 Years of ZINF

    Frédéric Chopin: Waltz Op. 64 nr. 2
    Elisa Venturini – Piano

    Prof. Dr. Cynthia Sharma (ZINF Spokesperson)

    Prof. Dr. Alfred Forchel (President University of Würzburg)
    Marion Schäfer Blake (Mayoress City of Würzburg)
    Prof. Dr. Tone Tonjum (ZINF Scientific Advisory Board)
    Dr. Daniel Lopez (ZINF Young Investigator Alumni)
    Prof. Dr. Jörg Vogel (Director Institute of Molecular Infection Biology (IMIB)/ Helmholtz Institute for RNA-based Infection Research (HIRI))
    Prof. Dr. Jörg Hacker (President Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina – National Academy of Sciences)

    11:15      Robert Koch Lecture

    Introduction Prof. Dr. Jörg Hacker
    Prof. Staffan Normark, Karolinska Institute,
    Robert-Koch Gold Medal Awardee 2018
    The Bacterial Envelope and the Host

    12:15      Lunch Break

    13:30      Talks by Young Investigator Group Leaders

    Dire Straits: "Romeo and Juliet"
    Gianluca Matera – Guitar/Vocals, Elisa Venturini –Piano

    Chair: Prof. Dr. Jay Hinton

    Dr. Sina Bartfeld, ZINF
    Infection, innate immune signalling and cancer in the stomach - organoids as model  
    Dr. Sebastian Geibel, ZINF
    Mycobacterial Type VII secretion systems
    Dr. Christian Perez, ZINF/IZKF
    Mechanisms of host colonization by the fungus Candida albicans
    Dr. Franziska Faber, ZINF
    Tackling RNA-based virulence regulation in Clostridium difficile
    Dr. Ana Rita Brochado, Biocentre/ZINF
    Deciphering antimicrobial drug interactions using high-throughput approaches

    Scientific Presentations

    Chair:  Prof. Dr. Georg Gasteiger

    14:50     Prof. Dr. Eric Pamer, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York
    Enlisting commensal bacteria to combat antibiotic resistant infections

    15:20      Coffee Break

    Chairs: Prof. Dr. Cynthia Sharma, Prof. Dr. Lars Dölken

    15:45      Prof. Dr. Dirk Brockmann, Humboldt University Berlin
    A complex network perspective on disease dynamics

    Dr. Noam Stern-Ginossar, Weizmann Institute of Science
    RNA modifications sculpts innate immune response to infection

    16:50      Short Break

    17:15      Farewell Lectures for Dr. Tobias Ölschläger (IMIB)
    Introduction Prof. Dr. Jörg Vogel
    Chair: Dr. Tobias Ölschläger

    Dr. Dennis Kopecko, Combivax, LLC, Silver Spring, MD
    Advances in Ty21a Oral Vector Development-application to combined enteric fever-shigellosis vaccine

    Prof. Dr. Dirk Haller, TU München

    Microbiome in health and disease – a moving target

    18:20         Farewell

    Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonata Op. 110 nr. 31, first movement
    Elisa Venturini – Piano

    18:45        End of the Symposium