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The Senate comprises:

  • six members representing the University's teaching staff,
  • one member representing the University's research assistants and artistic staff,
  • one member representing the University's other staff,
  • two student representatives,
  • the University's Women's Representative.

The members of the University's Board of Governors and the University Clinic's Medical Director attend Senate meetings in an advisory capacity.

Current members of the Senate: List of Senators

Responsibilities of the Senate

  • decides on legally binding regulations to be issued by the University, unless otherwise stipulated,
  • decides on issues of fundamental importance (research, support for young academics, equal opportunities),
  • determines research focuses and decides on the creation of collaborative research centres, graduate schools etc.,
  • decides on proposals regarding the creation, alteration and discontinuation of degree programmes,
  • comments on nominations for professorial appointment made by the University's appointment panels,
  • decides, based on Faculty Board resolutions, on nominations for appointment to the position of Honorary Professor,
  • decides on the conferral of the titles Honorary Senator, Honorary Citizen or Honorary Member of the University,
  • decides on the confirmation of nominations for the appointment of University Council members not directly affiliated with the University,
  • participates in other issues insofar as this is stipulated by law or on the basis of a particular Act.