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All voting members of the council

Academic staff and doctoral candidates who are working as delegates of this group in boards and committees of the university are members of the Council of the Academic Staff and Doctoral Candidates and entitled to vote.

Name Email Office Phone (+49 931):
PD Dr. med. Oliver Andres andres_o@ukw.de 201-27799
apl.Prof. Dr. Volker Christian Behr behr@physik.uni-wuerzburg.de 31-85766
PD Dr. Susanne Berger berger@biozentrum.uni-wuerzburg.de 31-86170
apl.Prof. Dr. Franz-Peter Burkard franz-peter.burkard@uni-wuerzburg.de 31-82466
Dr. Astrid Carolus astrid.carolus@uni-wuerzburg.de 31-82813
Nina Döllinger nina.doellinger@uni-wuerzburg.de
Valérie von Gleichen valerie.gleichen@uni-wuerzburg.de 31-86872
Dr. Richard Greiner greiner@mathematik.uni-wuerzburg.de 31-85029
Maximilian Häberlein maximilian.haeberlein@uni-wuerzburg.de 31-81720
Dr. med. Anne Hendricks berg_a2@ukw.de
Dr. Matthias Hensen matthias.hensen@uni-wuerzburg.de 31-81722
Dr. Markus Hien markus.hien@uni-wuerzburg.de 31-83557
Dr. Kirsten Hilger kirsten.hilger@uni-wuerzburg.de 31-81141
Dr. Svenja Hümmer huemmer@physik.uni-wuerzburg.de 31-89439
Dr. Marianus Ifland ifland@informatik.uni-wuerzburg.de 31-86746
apl.Prof. Dr. Jochen Krauß j.krauss@uni-wuerzburg.de 31-82382
Dr. Alfons Ledermann ledermann@chemie.uni-wuerzburg.de 31-85302
Dr. Florian Leitmeir florian.leitmeir@uni-wuerzburg.de 31-89191
Katharina Leniger katharina.leniger@uni-wuerzburg.de 31-84663
Dr. Thomas Leuerer thomas.leuerer@uni-wuerzburg.de 31-84892
Dr. Florian Möller fmoeller@mathematik.uni-wuerzburg.de 31-85596
Rico Neidinger rico.neidinger@jura.uni-wuerzburg.de 31-82325
Dr. Andreas Oechsner andreas.oechsner@uni-wuerzburg.de 31-89405
apl.Prof. Dr. Thorsten Ohl ohl@physik.uni-wuerzburg.de 31-85729
PD Dr. Alois Palmetshofer a.palmetshofer@uni-wuerzburg.de 31-84239
Emma Phelan emma.phelan@uni-wuerzburg.de 31-85990
PD Dr. Angelika Schmitt-Böhrer schmitt_a3@ukw.de 201-76402
PD Dr. Johannes Spaethe johannes.spaethe@uni-wuerzburg.de 31-83408
Dr. Torsten Staab torsten.staab@matsyn.uni-wuerzburg.de 31-81460
Dr. Verena Stürmer verena.stuermer@uni-wuerzburg.de 31-84864
Manuel Ullrich manuel.ullrich1@uni-wuerzburg.de 31-80926
Dr. Stephan Wagner stephan.wagner@uni-wuerzburg.de 31-85254
apl.Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Wirbelauer wirbelauer_j@ukw.de 201-27728

Academic staff and doctoral candidates can by decision of the council be co-opted for the current period as voting members.

For the current period 2021-2023 the following persons have been co-opted: