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Here you will find information about creating the JMU account and various problems. Only with your JMU account you can apply or enroll in a degree program. Only with a fully activated JMU account you can use WLAN, WueCampus, VPN, the e-mail service and other services.

  1. Carry out the self-registration and assign your password. Start the self-registration
  2. Confirm your e-mail address in our reply e-mail. There you will also find the username for your JMU account.
  3. If you have any problems, please contact the WueStudy help desk, stating the username and e-mail address.

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In special cases, you will not receive any response from us for privacy reasons. Do not hesitate to contact the WueStudy help desk. If possible, send us your username, your application number or matriculation number.

Various e-mail providers, in particular GMX and, assume that e-mails from the University of Würzburg contain spam, i. E. unwanted emails. For a reliable receipt of our emails follow these instructions.

  1. Check spam and junk folders on our emails. This works best on a desktop computer in the browser. On smartphones and tablets, these folders are often hard to find.
  2. Move our emails from spam and junk folders to Inbox. Automated deletion could delete our emails. You will have a hard time getting all the information back.
  3. Include as a domain in the whitelist of your e-mail provider. This works best on a desktop computer in the browser