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Master's degree programmes (M. SC. or M. A.)

Students who want to enrol in a Master's degree programme must hold an undergraduate degree (Bachelor's degree programme, or one of the German degrees of Diplom or Staatsexamen), which should typically have been earned in the same field of studies as the desired Master's degree programme. Many Master's degree programmes have additional admission requirements, such as an above-average grade in their undergraduate degree, or successfully completing a qualification assessment process. Usually, students need to earn 120 ECTS credits in order to complete a Master's degree programme.

Follow this link  for a complete list of all degree programmes and all specialisations.

Combination Rules

Students can choose between two types of specialisation models: Studying one main subject (120 ECTS credits), or studying two main subjects (45 ECTS credits each and 30 ECTS credits earned for the Master’s thesis. The Master’s thesis can be completed in one of the two subjects or combine the subjects for an interdisciplinary approach). Usually, all subjects can be combined as long as the same specialisation model is available for each subject chosen.

Follow this link for a table of all possible combinations.