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Quality Pact for Teaching at JMU

Individual Project “Improved Quality of Teaching at the University of Würzburg II”

Project Data: Individual Project “Improved Quality of Teaching at the University of Würzburg II”

Project title

ProfiLehrePlus – University Teaching in Bavaria 2020

Information on Funding

This program is supported through funds of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the framework of the joint federal and state government development program for better study conditions and higher quality of teaching (“Quality Pact for Teaching”).

Funding Code


Project Period

01.10.2016 – 31.12.2020

Project Leader

Dr. Gabriele Geibig-Wagner

Project Description

The University of Würzburg’s continuing education program ProfiLehre is funded by the BMBF within the framework of the “Quality Pact for Teaching” as part of the university’s individual project and within the framework of the Bavarian joint project ProfiLehrePlus.

Experience has shown that given the need for further development, continuous expansions and additions to the program are necessary. The University of Würzburg has adopted the extensive work in the topic area “New Teaching and Learning Concepts” as its special field of competence. This area complements the constant upgrades to the interdisciplinary and subject-specific seminar and coaching offers.

Here, the primary consideration is both the use of new media and the didactic possibilities and questions that arise from its application. In carrying out this project, the application of the teaching concept “Inverted Classroom”, the implementation of webinars, and the creation of individually accessible online courses will all be increasingly supported. This includes preparatory training as well as advisement and support in everyday teaching activities and a professional blog. The latter can, among other things, be used to provide teachers with information on how to produce their own teaching material.

Since educators are increasingly confronted with the questions and problems of their students with regard to the writing process, training courses on the targeted use of writing didactics and writing advisement are part of the special offer provided by ProfiLehre and ProfiLehrePlus.

As part of the university’s internationalization efforts, in addition to the general university didactic lecture series “Good Teaching”, in the future advisors from foreign universities will be invited to hold lectures and workshops specific to these topics.

All subject areas of the reference library provided in the “University Teaching” section of the ProfiLehre website will furthermore be expanded and the literature appropriately updated. Books are available for borrowing both on site and via internet loan.

Website: ProfiLehre at the University of Würzburg

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