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Universität Würzburg

General Information for Applicants

Applications are accepted once a year. The application period occurs in the lecture period of each summer semester.
Funding for successful applicants will start in the following winter semester.
Applications from doctoral researchers will NOT be considered.

The application runs in two steps:
First, enter your data online in the application platform which is available within the application deadline for the online application. Then print out the application form (which is automatically provided as part of the online application) and send it in along with your other application documents within the specified period.

Is the scholarship merit-based?

Yes, the scholarship is merit and talent-based. However, factors such as a strong commitment to the community or any obstacles applicants have had to overcome in their lives are also taken into consideration.

The programme strongly encourages applications from women who have followed non-linear educational paths but still have achieved excellent accomplishments. An applicant’s financial need is not considered in the awarding of the scholarship, but successful applicants with limited financial resources may receive some additional aid. In this context, financial need within the meaning of the German Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz (Federal Training Assistance Act, BAföG) is of particular relevance.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Yes, you can, but only while the University of Würzburg’s application portal is live (usually from May to June of each year). If you have applied for admission to a restricted admission degree programme, please indicate your application number when you are asked for your student ID number in the online Deutschlandstipendium scholarship application form. Please do not forget to let us know if you are not offered a place at the University of Würzburg or if you decide not to accept the place offered to you (the best way to contact us is by email at stipendien@uni-wuerzburg.de).

Yes, you will need to re-submit all documents. This is due to the following reasons: Firstly, we need up-to-date documents from you. Secondly, adding documents from your existing file to your new application would cause a significant amount of extra work.

You will find our address details on the bottom of page 2 of the application form. If you are sending your application in the post, please use our postal address.
If you want to hand in your documents in person, please come to our street address (see page 2 of the application form).
Our office is open: Mo, Tu, Th, Fr 8:00 - 12:00 and We 10:00 - 12:00 as well as 14:00 -16:00. Out of these hours, you can hand your documents in at the University Post Office on Campus Hubland Nord (Josef-Martin Weg 54/1).

No, you won’t. We will accept uncertified copies.
However, please be aware that you will have to submit certified translations of certificates or diplomas that were issued in a language other than German or English.

We need a photocopy of the letter that was sent to you by your BAföG office and tells you whether you are receiving financial assistance under the BAföG Act in the current semester (or will receive financial assistance under that Act from the upcoming winter semester onwards). In German, that letter is called BAföG-Bescheid.
Please DO NOT send us the certificate pursuant to Section 9 BAföG that you can download from WueStudy!

Decisions are usually made in November. All applicants will be sent a letter telling them whether or not they have been accepted into the programme.
If your address changes while the selection process is still in progress, please do not forget to email us your new address (stipendien@uni-wuerzburg.de).

If you are not accepted into the programme, your letter of rejection will tell you when you can collect your documents. We will shred your documents if you do not collect them by the date indicated in that letter.
If you are accepted into the programme, your application documents will be added to your file.