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    SFB 688 (2006 - 2017)

    Z02 - Jakob, Samnick, Ertl

    Integrative vascular functional analysis by means of imaging


    Many projects of the SFB 688 have a focus on integrative pathophysiology, the exploration of which demands a non-invasive tool. Progress in small animal imaging opens new horizons in this field. In the past numerous MR and nuclear techniques have been developed in Würzburg, which allow a morphological and functional phenotyping of small animals. Besides cine imaging there exist methods which quantify macro and micro circulation, as angiography, flow velocity imaging, as well as determination of perfusion, microvascular volume, and permeability. It is the aim to establish a platform within the z-project, which provides the other projects with the established imaging techniques and the existing expertise. The hardware of the facility consists of a small animal PET, - SPECT, and two high field MR scanners, which allows a comprehensive phenotyping. Besides providing with established imaging techniques, it is one goal of the z-project to implement new imaging techniques of molecular and cellular imaging at such a level, that they are robust enough to be used for (patho)physiological issues of other projects.