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Presentation & Exchange: Challenge-based Learning

Presentation & Exchange: Challenge-based Learning
Date: 12/08/2023, 9:00 AM - 12/08/2020, 10:30 AM
Category: charm-eu
Location: Online (ZOOM)
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Antoine van den Beemt (TU Eindhoven)

The "DAAD-CHARM-JMU" project, which accompanies CHARM-EU, deals with questions of digitalisation, internationalisation and teaching that need to be answered when establishing an inter-university, European campus and the associated connectivity of JMU. In December 2023, two subsequent presentations will discuss the topics of challenge-based learning and micro-credentials, which are central to the university alliance. They are intended to provide impetus as to how these topics can be integrated into our university.

Today's global challenges such as climate change, energy renewal, biodiversity, healthcare and migration are complex and often cannot be clearly defined. These challenges go beyond the traditional tasks and responsibilities of experts in fields such as technology, healthcare or economics. Many universities, including the CHARM-EU universities, are responding to this by tailoring their educational programmes to learners and making them flexible in order to meet the challenges of a changing and uncertain world. Challenge-based learning has proven itself as a pedagogical concept that enables learners, teachers, companies and society to tackle the social, biological, technical and economic challenges of our time flexibly and in an interdisciplinary exchange.

Together with Prof Dr Antoine van den Beemt (TU Eindhoven), we will discuss concepts of challenge-based learning. His research in the field of technology-enhanced learning in higher education is evidenced by a large number of recent publications (see below). As Task Leader, he has been supporting the European University Alliance EuroTeQ since November 2023. Previously, Prof van den Beemt was closely involved in the development of blended/online master's programmes as part of the EIT Digital university network.

  • Antoine van den Beemt & Tim Stevens: Teachers in Challenge-Based Learning. Breaking Barriers: Innovation through Collaboration (2023).
  • Antoine van den Beemt, Gerard van de Watering & Michael Bots: Conceptualising variety in challenge-based learning in higher education: the CBL-compass. European Journal of Engineering Education (2022).


All JMU employees and students as well as other interested parties are cordially invited. The presentation will be in English. If you have any questions please feel free to contact or Kindly register by sending a mail till December 7th to