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Top results for JMU in the CHE ranking


The University of Würzburg performs well above average in the student survey as part of the CHE Ranking 2024. All subjects assessed achieved mostly good to very good results.

Studying in Würzburg is worth it! This is confirmed by JMU students in the latest CHE ranking.
Studying in Würzburg is worth it! This is confirmed by JMU students in the latest CHE ranking. (Image: Daniel Peter / Uni Würzburg)

The new edition of the CHE Ranking was published on May 2, 2024. Eight subjects are included: biochemistry, biology, chemistry, geography, computer science, mathematics, pharmacy, and physics. In the eyes of its students, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg (JMU) impresses in many areas. "We are delighted with this very good rating from our students, and it confirms the attractiveness of JMU. We hope to attract many new students for the coming semesters," says Professor Paul Pauli, President of the university.  

For the CHE ranking, students were asked to rate various aspects of their studies with star ratings between 1 (worst) and 5 (best). In addition to the general study situation, they were also able to give marks for areas such as support from lecturers, study organization, examinations, library facilities, and IT infrastructure.

Very well organized with excellent libraries

The JMU subjects scored exceptionally well in the area of study organization, where the results ranged between 4.1 and 4.7 stars, averaging out at 4.4 stars. The facilities in the libraries were also rated particularly positively with an average of 4.2 stars across all subjects.

"The impressive results of the CHE ranking show that the University of Würzburg is extraordinarily successful with its study programs in national and international competition. Studying at JMU offers exciting opportunities to get involved in major future issues such as artificial intelligence, climate change or health and to experience cutting-edge teaching. JMU is a great place to study, and our students receive intensive support from the very first semester and are taken seriously as budding scientists," says Paul Pauli.

In many other categories, JMU also ranks in the top range. The complete results are available online at HeyStudium, the online study program guide of ZEIT.

Facts about studies and research

In addition to the student survey, the ranking is also led by statistics from the areas of study and research. Here, JMU scores highly not only for its reasonable time to degree but also for its excellent support at the start of studies.


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By Lutz Ziegler