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From Würzburg into the world


A former student of the University of Würzburg, Ulf Bade today manages a foundation that is immensely important for many students: the 'Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung' which allocates university places. He believes in the importance of perseverance.

Dr. Ulf Bade
Dr. Ulf Bade (Photo: private)

Which jobs do graduates from the University of Würzburg work in? To present different perspectives to students, Michaela Thiel, the director of the central alumni network, has interviewed selected alumni. This time, it is Dr. Ulf Bade's turn. Having studied law at the University of Würzburg, Bade is today the managing director of the 'Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung' which manages university admissions.

Mr Bade, in a nutshell, what are the foundation's tasks? The foundation assures that university places are quickly allocated despite multiple applications and prevents students from blocking each other because they have been admitted several times.

What does your typical day at work look like? My everyday work being extremely varied, I also have to work long hours due to numerous business trips and committee meetings with various interfaces to IT and diverse stakeholders.

To what extent have your law studies prepared you for your job? Studying law teaches you to analyse situations exactly and to create strictly structured solutions.

What do you appreciate most about your job? The versatility and interacting with people from educational backgrounds other than law.

What advice would you give to students for their future career? Be curious and persevering.

What is one of your best memories of your time in Würzburg? Well, obviously it is the extracurricular activities I remember most fondly, especially the wine festivals and trips with fellow students. I made a number of friendships at the time some of which have lasted until today.

Thank you for the interview.

By Michaela Thiel