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The Shades and Colors of Bilingualism

An Interview with Prof. Dr. Barış Kabak, Prof. Dr. Antonella Sorace and Christina Domene Moreno.

What impact does knowing more than one language have on our cognitive and linguistic development? Why does bilingualism matter for individuals as well as for society at large? In this podcast, Prof. Barış Kabak (JMU) explores the many shades and colors of bilingualism with Prof. Antonella Sorace (University of Edinburgh, Fellow of the British Academy), who is the founding director of the world-wide information and consultancy center Bilingualism Matters. They are joined by Christina Domene Moreno, researcher and lecturer at the JMU, who carries out experimental work on how different language systems interact in the minds of bilinguals. Switching between languages or learning the heritage language at your “door step” will not confuse you—if anything, it may power up your brain.