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Presentation & Exchange: Microcredentials and MOOCs

Microcredentials and MOOCs
Date: 12/15/2023, 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Category: charm-eu
Location: Online (ZOOM)
Speaker: PD Dr. Martin Ebner (TU Graz)

The "DAAD-CHARM-JMU" project, which accompanies CHARM-EU, deals with questions of digitalisation, internationalisation and teaching that need to be answered when establishing an inter-university, European campus and the associated connectivity of JMU. In December 2023, two subsequent presentations will discuss the topics of challenge-based learning and micro-credentials, which are central to the university alliance. They are intended to provide impetus as to how these topics can be integrated into our university.

Lifelong learning is the only way to acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities that are essential for personal and professional success. Microcredentials certify the learning outcomes of short-term learning experiences, e.g. a short course or training programme. They provide flexible and targeted help in acquiring the knowledge and skills required for individual development. University alliances - including CHARM-EU - are discussing how the potential of these new formats can be utilised and how issues relating to recognition and accreditation can be clarified.

As a proven expert in the field of educational informatics and e-learning, PD Dr Martin Ebner (TU Graz) will speak about microcredentials, the opportunities and challenges of their technical implementation and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). He is also the lead for digital infrastructure in the European University Alliance UNITE!


All JMU employees and students as well as other interested parties are cordially invited. The presentation will be in german. If you have any questions please feel free to contact or Kindly register by sending a mail till December 14th to