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CHARM-EU Annual Conference


In November the annual conference of the CHARM-EU university alliance took place at the University of Würzburg. A great opportunity for networking not only between the nine universities, but also with participants from politics and business.

Teilnehmende aller neun Universitäten der Allianz trafen sich Anfang November in Würzburg.
Participants from all nine universities in the Alliance met in Würzburg at the beginning of November. (Image: Sylvia Den Hengst / CHARM-EU)

Guests from all eight alliance member countries met on November 7 for the annual conference of the European university alliance CHARM-EU. This time, the venue was the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg (JMU).

The meeting in Würzburg was held under the motto "Alliances for Society" - connected to the JMU motto "Science for Society." In addition to further networking within the alliance, the focus was on exchange with external stakeholders, for example from local politics and the regional economy.

University President Paul Pauli and Head Mayor Christian Schuchardt welcomed numerous representatives from the partner universities, other university alliances, the European Commission and partners from business, politics and society. In this diverse group, experiences and goals were exchanged in various contributions, thus providing new impetus for the joint work.


"Many fruitful contacts were made," says Martin Kufferath-Sieberin, CHARM-EU Manager at JMU, "not only with our local partners such as the Chamber of Industry and Commerce or the Center for Digital Innovations Mainfranken (ZDI) and the Technology and Start-up Center Würzburg (TGZ), but also with those from other ecosystems."

The international participants worked together productively, particularly in the interactive part with discussion formats and poster sessions, and laid the foundations for potential projects in the future.

The Academic Orchestra of the University of Würzburg provided an appropriate conclusion to a successful day with an atmospheric performance in the impressive ambience of the atrium in the New University.

Work- and Sprint Meetings

The exchange continued seamlessly at the working meetings of the various working packages and the sprint meetings, where the course for the next six months was discussed.

Professor Doris Fischer, JMU Vice President for Internationalization and Alumni, sums up: "This week of CHARM-EU activities was a good opportunity to present JMU to the partners in the alliance. I am pleased that we were able to do this even though we only joined the alliance last year."