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Europass - your partner for a european job entry


Europass offers a free platform for applying, finding a job and documenting competences. You will find many practical tools for applicants. Users can create a personal profile and share it via a link, create CVs and cover letters in different designs and store documents securely in a single digital location.

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The Europass portal: Practical tools for your application

A well-structured and informative CV is the be-all and end-all of a successful application. The Europass portal, the EU platform for job applications and job searches, offers many practical tools for anyone who wants to apply. The special thing about it: As an EU service, Europass is free of charge, free of advertising and available in 30 languages.

  •     Users of the Europass portal can, among other things...
  •     create a personal profile and share it via a link
  •     write CVs in different designs
  •     create cover letters and digital application folders
  •     store certificates and other documents securely in their personal library
  •     test and document their digital competences


Security: 2-factor-authentication in the Europass portal now optional

Since the end of April, users of the Europass portal have had a choice: they can now decide how to protect their data and whether to activate 2-factor-authentication for their Europass account.

Testing digital competences: the self-assessment tool

Digital skills are an indispensable part of life - both at work and in everyday life. The EU Commission has published a tool that can be used to practically test one's own digital competences by means of an online test. The result of the test, a PDF document, can be saved by users in their Europass profile and stored online in their Europass library. The tool is based on the European framework for digital competences.

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European Digital Credentials: From Paper Certificate to Digital Certificate of Learning

The European Digital Credentials for Learning, which the EU Commission developed within the framework of the new Europass portal and officially launched in October 2021, set the course for the paperless issuing of certificates. With this new uniform Europe-wide standard, forgery-proof digital certificates can be issued that are data protection-compliant and easy to verify. The software is free of charge and open source. The new tool can be accessed via the Europass portal.

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Good practice: Europass as a tool for the job entry

How Europass can be used for the transition from school to work is shown by the example of the Youth Employment Agency Ludwigshafen, which wants to make the European platform the standard tool for cooperation with schools and other partner organisations. This facilitates cooperation with local partners and companies, strengthens the students and helps to improve their chances in the long run.

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