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In order to create an open dialogue with advice-seekers, we would like to introduce ourselves. Henceforth, you will find information about the professional foci and competences of our team members on this page. You are most welcome to contact a consultant directly or contact the team via our office e-mail address or telephone number (see box on the right).

Dr. Annette Retsch

Monday to Friday
Room 03.024
Tel. 0931/31-82420

  •  Individual career counselling (coaching)
  • Potential analysis to create an individual skills profile
  • Counselling for decision-making processes after Bachelor's and Master's degrees (planning internships, stays abroad, career entry, doctorate)
  • Reflection on career-related competences - 21st Century Skills (also in an international context)
  • Advice on writing letters of motivation (for scholarship providers, Master's places, stays abroad)
  • Consulting on career research
  • Application in English-speaking countries
  • Advice on the Virtual Exchange Programme
  • Advice on new workshop concepts (in particular regional economy, new speakers
  • Consulting on scholarship applications

Mondays and Fridays: Zoom consultations

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Please note the instructions in the appointment booking confirmations (send in documents such as your CV) Mondays and Fridays: Zoom consultations

Studies of English and German language and literature in Würzburg and Davidson, North Carolina. First examination in LA Gym in the summer of 1994. Dissertation in German Linguistics at the University of Würzburg in 1999 and afterwards student counsellor at the Central Student Advisory Office. Organisation of various major events (e.g. JUMAX university trade fair) in the Chancellor’s office. Since October 2006 she has been involved in the conception and development of the Career Centre.

Her consulting area includes the review of application documents as well as profile analysis and later professional positioning especially for students of the humanities disciplines. Here she supports graduates with information on various occupational fields for humanities scholars and regularly invites suitable experts on this topic or to the lecture series “Perspectives for Humanities Scholars”.

In 2015, she also obtained the university certificate “Writing Consultant” from the Freiburg University of Teacher Education. She consults students on the improvement of individual work and writing strategies, in particular with regard to the type of text letter of motivation for admission to a scholarship, master’s- or foreign study programme.

Steffen Eichhorn

Monday to Friday
Room 03.023
Tel. +49 931 31-89778

  • Seminar management
  • Technical support for webinars and seminars at the Career Centre
  • Focus on natural sciences
  • Application portfolio check
  • Requests for CareerLink
  • Presentations on application basics for various specialisations

Steffen Eichhorn has been working at the Career Centre since October 2013. Magister studies in German linguistics with minor in business administration at the University of Würzburg. In addition to his studies, he worked for 6 years as a student assistant in IT support at the computer centre and in linguistics. After graduating with a Magister degree in 2012, he was employed at the Chair of German Linguistics as a lecture and scientific assistant at the Lower Franconian Dialect Institute.

In the project ‘DIRECT – Brücke Studium-Wirtschaft’ (2013 – 2015) he was responsible for student acquisition and support and carried out this activity in the follow-up programme ‘Karriere+ - Begleitstudium Corporate Management’ from 2015 to 2017. He is currently responsible for the Career Centre seminar programme, the Career website and the CareerLink job platform.

Luisa Kimmel

Monday to Friday
Room 03.023
Tel. 0931/ 31-87581

  • Communication, Social Media
  • Application portfolio check-up
  • Advice on the Professional Skills Certificate
  • Preparation for job interviews and unsolicited applications
  • Presentations on application basics for various disciplines
  • Internship supervision at the Career Centre

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Luisa joined the Career Centre in 2020 and primarily focuses on public relations, talks and application portfolio check-ups.

She majored in educational theory, minored in economics and acquired a master's degree in educational sciences with a focus on adult education. During her internship with the further education department of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Schweinfurt-Würzburg she gained competences in course and event planning, and took workshops to further educate herself in that field. Furthermore, she gained experience in the analysis of research data, the designing of posters and flyers and the maintenance of websites while she was working as a students assistant at the institute of adult education. 


Sabine Mewis

Monday to Friday
Room 03.027
Tel. 0931/ 31-88853

  • Individual career consulting and competence profile analysis
  • Support in acquisition of digital and intercultural competences (e.g. Virtual Exchange)
  • Application portfolio check-up (also in French and English)
  • Consulting of international students

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Sabine studied romanistics (B.A. and M.A.), combining French and Italian at the University of Würzburg. She used to work as a student assistant in two mentoring-programs after which she switched to ProfiLehre - a university program for the enhancement of teaching - where she stayed for five years. After her master's degree, she stayed with the Profilehre as a project coordinator.  Her responsibilities included the implementation of further education events and the coordination of the respective trainers. Furthermore, she took various courses to consolidate her  knowledge of Virtual Exchange, Blende Learning, WueCampus and consulting.

Sabine joined the Career Centre of the University of Würzburg in December 2020 and is responsible for individual career consulting, application portfolio check-ups (German, French and English) and the Virtual Exchange program.

Margarete Pauli

Monday to Thursday
Room 03.027
Tel. 0931/31-82751

  • Advice on scholarship applications
  • Application portfolio check-up in German and English
  • Advice on letters of motivation
  • Equal opportunities
  • Counselling on questions about internships

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