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Career Centre

Our take on consulting

We regard career as a continuously changing process of actively shaping one’s professional and personal development as a “global citizen”.

Our consulting is first and foremost based on the individual's biography, personal values, experience as well as life and work-related contexts. Thereby, we regard the advice-seeker as an "expert for his/her own life" and aim to support him/her in the independent application of his/her ressources and values using a systematic-constructive approach. Henceforth, the advice-seeker will become the manager of his/her professional development.

For the ideal role of professionally supporting consultants, our team members regularly take part in university-based training, as well as further education provided by the Career Service Netzwerk Detschland and the HRK-Nexus. Therefore, our team remain in perpetual contact with national and international Career Service colleagues. Working on a high level of professional, communicative and social competence, our consultants are able to tackle the diverse consulting needs of students at the University of Würzburg.

In case of institutionally set limits, we would like to refer to further consulting services and agencies