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Facilitation Training

Get trained as an intercultural dialogue facilitator!

The CliVEx project trains facilitators (online moderators). This advanced training in the field of communication will give you the opportunity to engage intensively with communication and the issue of climate change/climate justice and to actively shape dialogues on this and other topics.

The training will equip you with the key skills to facilitate constructive group engagement (online and offline) that promotes awareness of one's own group and the ability to learn from differences. You will be equipped with tools to address different group dynamics, have difficult conversations and promote empathy through authentic communication. Participants will then have the opportunity to practice their newly acquired skills by participating as facilitators in a virtual exchange.

For active and successful participation in these training programmes, participants will receive a digital badge, a certificate of participation and, if applicable, 5 ECTS points in the ASQ or FÜG pool. For the latter, participants must make an appointment for a reflection meeting with the Career Centre after the training.

The Introduction to Online Dialogue Facilitation is a 5-week, asynchronous online training course that provides participants with basic facilitation skills and tools. It is a self-paced training course that does not require live sessions. The time commitment is approximately 2-4 hours per week.

Next date: 12 August - 15 September 2024
To register in WueStudy and Soliya (registration deadline: 9 August)

Afterwards, we would like to invite you to a reflection meeting to discuss and compare what you have learnt. The date for the zoom meeting is September 16,  10am - 12 am c.t.

Another date is planned for the following period: January - February 2025

The Advanced Facilitation Training is a 10-week training programme that focuses on the practical application of advanced facilitation tools and strategies, as well as dealing with challenging group dynamics. This format includes weekly two-hour live training sessions as well as asynchronous content. The time commitment will therefore be approximately 3-4 hours per week.

Next date: 2 October - 7 December 2024.
Registration via WueStudy  andSoliya  (deadline: 13 September)

Afterwards, we would like to invite you to a reflection meeting to discuss and compare what you have learnt. The meeting will take place on 9 december at 10 am c.t. via Zoom. We will provide the zoom link shortly before the meeting.