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Internships are a vitally important step on the road to a suitable job. They are helpful in recognizing and navigating the opportunities matching your own academic qualifications on on the labour market. Furthermore, they provide invaluable experience in the world of work and help you to refine your professional aspirations. Last but not least, internships will provide you with the opportunity to establish connections that might be helpful for your job entry.

The benefits of internships

Internships are generally useful - even if they are not part of your curriculum. Before choosing an internship, it is crucial to have a clear idea of your own goals for it and to choose accordingly. This will help you to gain the insights and experiences you are looking for. An internship should provide you with the opportunity to active engage the skills you already have. Additionally, it should ideally include tasks that will confirm your questions regarding your personal job orientation.

Choice and preparation, practical phase and reflection

In the process of choosing and preparing of an internship, as well as in the practical phase itself and its reflection is can be extremely helpful to consult with professors and fellow studenst. Firstly, to choose the appropriate internship. Secondly, to reflect personal experience in a broader context and draw the expedient conclusions for your personal development but also for your studies and your job choice.

Networking partner "transfer internship"

The Career Centre has been a partner of the Mercator foundation funded project "Potentiale studentischer Praktika besser nutzen – ein bundesweites Desiderat in der Hochschulbildung" for many years - an initiative to enhance and expand the transfer competence in internships. This model develops the classic internship to a teach-learn-instrument and takes into account the perspectives of students, teachers and employers. In a following project, checklists for the remote internship for students and employers have been developed.

See materials, guidelines and e-learning opportunites for students, teachers, consultants and employers below or here