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Each semester, up to 50 seminars and workshops are held in which you can develop and enhance your professional skills. Experienced lecturers from academia and industry will challenge and support you in various areas of expertise.

  • You can deepen your professional expertise by gaining industry-specific knowledge from insiders.
  • You will develope methodological skills in seminars on presentation and moderation techniques, among other things.
  • In courses on teamwork or conflict management, you will learn about the central importance of social skills in a professional context.
  • You will expand your self-competence by practising self-observation and self-reflection, for example by dealing with motivational problems or stressful situations.
  • Digital skills include understanding information and data as well as the ability to communicate and create digital content using digital technologies
  • You can also attend events designed to prepare you directly for the start of your career. For example, you can learn how to prepare your application documents or what to expect in an interview.
  • The development of transversal skills is currently being promoted in the new Virtual Exchange (VE) project. VE is the interface between internationalism, classroom teaching and digital learning, enabling intercultural dialogue and exchange of experiences.
  • In addition to specialist and methodological skills, start-up expertise also includes numerous personal and social skills, such as the essential teamwork or entrepreneurial and legal knowledge. These skills can be acquired during the events.