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Career Centre

Equal opportunities with the Career Centre

The university strives to support all committed and talented students on their way to a successful degree - regardless of personal requirements such as gender, disability, social or ethnic origin. In order to make this possible, the Career Centre increasingly takes into account aspects of social diversity in its work, among other things.


One focus of activity is also on advising students from families that are not able to support them as well in educational matters. The Career Centre team not only serves as a point of contact for all questions regarding profile building and student competence development, but also offers a wide range of support throughout the application process, for example for an internship, a scholarship or an entry-level position. It also assumes the function of a pilot, who can refer students if necessary.

Exchange and advice is also offered by the "Arbeiterkind" initiative, which can also be found in Würzburg: Students and professionals support all those who want to be the first in their family to study.

Following, we would also like to provide you with links to other support services in order to be able to offer you comprehensive support.

We particularly recommend our extensive range of consulting  and events. This will enable you to further develop your interdisciplinary skills and enhance your personal profile.

The Career Centre takes on the role of a pilot when they consider what they want to use from the wide range of seminars, advice and information on offer and at what point in the student life cycle .