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Visualizing specific structures based on selective degradation


Visualizing specific structures over background fluorescence can be challenging. The Wehman lab has developed a labeling technique based on selective degradation that allows super-resolution insights on standard microscopes, improving the imaging of specific proteins, organelles, and cells in many model systems. The project has been published in Nature Communications.

Part of Figure 1 [Comparison of degron approaches. a Proteins with a zinc finger 1 degron (ZF1, red) are stable before expression of the ubiquitin ligase adaptor ZIF-1 (blue) in C. elegans embryos.]

Link to the publication: "Degron-tagged reporters probe membrane topology and enable the specific labelling of membrane-wrapped structures"  

Katharina B. Beer, Gholamreza Fazeli, Kristyna Judasova, Linda Irmisch, Jona Causemann, Jörg Mansfeld & Ann M. Wehman 
Nature Communications Volume 10, Article number: 3490 (2019)

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