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    Affordable housing in central location is highly sought after. We recommend you start searching for a flat or house early on.

    We support your search for a flat or house and provide information on the housing market in Würzburg and the local area.

    Accommodation for your first days in Würzburg

    If you need to bridge time, the Welcome Center is happy to support your search for accommodation for the first days in Würzburg. The university signed framework agreements with various hotels in the city which offer reduced prices for employees of Julius-Maximilians-Universität. On demand, we can send you a list with hotel names and further information and can reserve a room in a hotel of your choice.

    Accommodation in the guesthouse for shorter research stays

    For shorter research stays of up to six months guest researchers can apply for an apartment in the international guesthouse near "Neue Universität", Sanderring.

    If you are interested, please contact the Welcome Center or your host institute, which has to fill in a reservation form for you in case there is a vacancy.

    You have to keep in mind, though, that the apartments are quite frequently booked out long in advance.

    More information on the guesthouse for international researchers

    Furnished and unfurnished rental offers for longer stays

    Private rental offers:

    85 m² apartment in Würzburg-Sanderau, available 15.01.2020

    101 m² apartment in Würzburg, available 01.12.2019

    110 m² apartment in Würzburg, available 04.11.2019

    73 m² apartment in Heidingsfeld, available 01.11.2019

    65 m² apartment in Lengfeld, available 01.09.2019

    85 m² flat in Gerbrunn, available 01.10.2019

    65 m² flat in Gerbrunn, available 01.10.2019

    135 m² house in Zellingen, available 01.09.2019

    3 room apartment (105 m²) in Sanderau, immediately available

    2.5 room apartment with garden (50 m²), university hospital nearby, available 31.05.2019

    Single family house (175 m²) in Rottendorf, available 01.04.2019

    3 room penthouse in Frauenland (122 m²), partly furnished, immediately available

    2 room apartment in Heuchelhof (43 m²), fully furnished, available 01.02.2019

    1 room apartment in Würzburg (41 m²), first occupancy, kitchen, available 01.06.2019

    1 room apartment in Würzburg (38 m²), first occupancy, kitchen, available 01.06.2019

    2 room apartment (61 m²) in Würzburg Zellerau, 01.01.2019

    3 apartements (61-82 m²) in Würzburg-Zellerau, 01.01.2019

    4 room attic flat (160 m²) in Waldbüttelbrunn, from Dec 2018

    2 room furnished apartment (68 m²) in Würzburg-Lengfeld (temporary living)

    1 room apartment (40 m²) in the inner-city, from 01.04.2020

    2 apartments and 1 bigger flat in Gerbrunn (2x 50m², 1x 97 m²) from july 2018

    4 room flat (131 m²) in Frauenland for intermediate rent by july 2018

    fully furnished 1-room apartment (28m²) in Würzburg-Frauenland, available for shorter stays (1week-6 months)

    Housing adverts on nationwide websites:

    www.wohnungsboerse.net (only provision-free offers)







    Housing adverts in the local media:




    Housing corporations:


    Furnished short-term accommodation (rooms and apartments)


    On request, we can provide you with a list of estate agents.

    Here, you can find the current rent index for Würzburg.

    Please do not hesitate to contact the Welcome Center if you have any questions concerning the different suburbs of the city or the villages surrounding Würzburg and transport connections to the university.

    Most rental offers in newspapers and local online portals are published in German even though many landlords speak English. The following glossary may help you to identify matching offers and understand common abbreviations for central amenities:

    Glossary for your apartment search

    If you encounter any language difficulties in your communication with landlords you can ask the staff of the Welcome Center for help.