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The University of Würzburg offers a variety of courses for “German as a Foreign Language”. During the past few years course offers were expanded and customized. Due to this process you now have many opportunities to participate in language classes outside working hours.

Each semester the ZfS offers students, postdocs and employees courses for all levels of language proficiency. You can choose between “fast track” and “standard track” courses depending on how much time you are able to dedicate to your German studies. Starting from level B1 you can also add courses with special focus such as conversation, writing, listening comprehension, pronunciation or presentation to your schedule. There are also online-courses available.

Here you can find the current semester programme and information about German as a Foreign Language.
You have to register for the courses in person at the ZfS at the beginning of each semester. If you already have some knowledge of the German language you have to take a placement test.

German courses at the UWGS are open to postdocs and doctoral researchers. Courses are organized according to demand, usually 2 times a year (starting in spring and fall).The immersion courses are geared to the needs of beginners without previous knowledge of the German language. Within only 5-6 weeks participants receive 100 hours of German classes. The course takes place 4 times per week in the afternoon/evening, to facilitate participation parallel with your research work. However, please bear in mind that the workload for the courses is high. A compromise regarding your research work will be inevitable. However, the courses offer a great opportunity to gain solid basic knowledge of the German language within a very short time, enabling you to cope with everyday situations and providing you with the foundation for further studies.

In addition to the ZfS and UWGS courses, the University of Würzburg GmbH also offers basic and intensive courses at various times throughout the year. These courses are subject to a fee, but are not limited to a membership of the JMU and therefore are accessible to everyone. Further information can be found under the German courses offered by Uni GmbH.


We will also be happy to forward your enquiries to the right contact person and work with you to find out which courses might be of interest to you.

Professional development

We not only want to support you when you move to Germany and start conducting research at Julius-Maximilians-Universität but also strive to give you further opportunities to refine your talents and develop your professional career. In this context, the Welcome Centre can assist your search for advanced training by communicating your requests to our respective cooperation partners, for whose support we are very grateful.

The University of Würzburg Graduate Schools (UWGS) offer diversified, professional trainings on interdisciplinary topics. The PostDoc Plus Programme is tailored to the needs of post-doctoral researchers and professionals with some experience. The workshops cover topics such as:

  • Grant writing
  • Project management
  • Leadership
  • Conflict management
  • Career building

Here, you can find more information on the PostDoc Plus Programme and current courses.

The office of the University Women's Representative provides numerous offers for research promotion and advanced training of female executives and scientists. Among other things, Gender Consulting organises workshops and training courses on career development for research alliances. This service is primarily aimed at young female scientists who are actively involved in a DFG-funded joint research project. However, joint continuing education courses are also offered for scientists and academics who focus on gender aspects. The participation fees can be financed from the equal opportunity flat rates of the respective networks to which the participants belong. In addition to the open offer for female scientists of all consortia, workshops and other events can also be organised for individual consortia.

JMU's Women’s Representative provides the University’s students and academic staff with information and advice on all matters pertaining to gender equality and career development in academia and research.

With ProfiLehre, the University of Würzburg offers its teachers a thematically diverse educational training programme. The impartation of practice-oriented university teaching competencies makes up the core of the seminars, workshops and lectures. These services are complemented by trainings intended to prepare lecturers for leadership responsibilities at university level and improve their ability to achieve individual educational goals.
Both local and international members of an educational institution can register for English conversations or workshops, as well as for individual coaching and advice. The credit points earned here are recognised for obtaining the University Teaching Certificate of the Bavarian Universities.

The Julius-Maximilians-Universität is committed to helping its academic staff advance their careers and realise their professional potential by providing them with well-structured support and services that are tailored to their needs.

JMU’s efforts in the area of training and development for academic staff are aimed at:

  • providing career development support for researchers at all career levels and supporting them in their role as leaders, supervisors, and mentors,
  • promoting equal opportunities and the selection of the most talented individuals,
  • helping researchers explore alternative career options in industry and society,
  • promoting the ongoing development of existing structures and initiatives.

At the JMU Rechenzentrum, lecturers can attend a variety of courses to acquire IT skills that support them in their teaching.
The courses include aspects starting from the use of multimedia elements in teaching to innovative teaching methods. The staff of the Multimedia Services department are available to lecturers for all questions regarding the use of multimedia in teaching. They offer support and assistance in the use of existing multimedia equipment for courses and run training courses on working with multimedia technology.

The  Center for Continuing Education (CCE) of Julius-Maximilians-Universität was founded in 2013 as a competence centre for academic continuing education and lifelong learning. In close cooperation with the faculties of the JMU, the CCE develops market- and demand-oriented continuing education programmes for companies, cooperation partners, managers, employees and students. It continuously expands the existing range of offers and services.

The Professional School of Education is a central scientific institution of the University of Würzburg with the mission:

  •     of further developing teacher training, i.e. initial and continuing training and educational research,
  •     to be a node in the network of students, teachers of all types of schools, university teachers, politicians, school authorities and associations,
  •     to bring together the scientific resources in teacher training and educational research at the university across faculties,
  •     to promote interdisciplinary research and young scientists

Since 2018, JMU Research Academy has developed a network of all university institutions who provide professional staff development activities for researchers. Therefore, the JMU Research Academy gathers all training, coaching or mentoring activities as well as various other formats supporting researchers on their individual career path. JMU Research Academy supports doctoral and postdoctoral researchers as well as professors.