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    Childcare facilities at Julius-Maximilians-Universität

    In all childcare related matters the Welcome Center collaborates closely with the University’s Family Service.The staff of the Family Service can advise you on childcare provisions both on campus and in Wuerzburg. They will assist you with finding an appropriate place in a daycare centre or kindergarten for your children and can put you in touch with registered childminders and babysitters.

    The “Campus-Kinderhaus” at Hubland Campus opened in November 2013 and provides 120 new daycare centre places for toddlers and kindergarten places for children between 10 months and school entrance age. The Family Service tries to make sure that children attending the daycare centre also get the opportunity to stay at the “Campus-Kinderhaus” when they turn three and do not have to change the facility. Not all daycare centres in Würzburg can make this offer. In contrast to the various kindergartens in different neighbourhoods, there are no fixed registration deadlines for the “Campus-Kinderhaus”. You can apply for a place every month. Only 20% of the full costs of a place have to be covered by the parents’ financial contribution.

    All employees of Julius-Maximilians-Universität who like to apply for a place can register online for the Campus-Kinderhaus after their employment contract has been finalized. Even if you did not receive your contract yet, please register with the Family Service early on to avoid long waiting times. The Family Service will get in touch with you when any childcare places are available.

    Information on costs of childcare places

    Online Registration to apply for a childcare place

    Information about the "Kinder- und Familienzentrum Hubland"

    For students there is the possibility to apply for Campus StudiKids, which offers child care for babies and infants between 2-18 months. Moreover, the staff members organize holiday programmes like Campus Camp for children from six to twelve and can put you in contact with student babysitters.

    More information on part time childcare

    More information on holiday programmes in 2017

    Information on and registration for the university’s „babysitter pool“

     You can also contact the Welcome Center first for questions concerning childcare.

    Childcare facilities in the city of Würzburg

    On the city council's website you can find  information on childcare provisions in Würzburg.


    Würzburg offers a wide range of schools and Julius Maximilian University cultivates partnerships with 49 schools in Würzburg and the wider region. 

    The city council gives detailed information on all schools in Würzburg.

    The closest international school is located near Schweinfurt, ca. 50 km from Würzburg. 

    We are happy to advise you, answer your questions and can put you in touch with the appropriate contacts.