Graduiertenkolleg 2157

Key Qualifications

The graduate study program of the GRK 2157 comprises scientific and transferable skill elements to prepare the students for their daily scientific work. By developing transferable skills, students will meet the needs of the wider employment market. We emphasize that the University of Würzburg provides a world-class environment of research institutions, with a long-standing tradition of successful cooperation across faculties, which will also benefit the doctoral students.

As a part of the Graduate Schools of the University of Würzburg, the GRK 2157 profits from regularly offered elective courses (program) supporting the development of specific personal competences of all doctoral researchers.

All research-related topics are covered, such as oral presentation techniques, poster design, academic writing for research papers and grants, statistics, intellectual property management, and copyright. In addition, transferable skills are practiced, which are useful for the research environment, but also important for careers outside academia and research including time management, leadership, business etiquette, intercultural competence, and how to succeed in job applications. In addition, the Faculty of Biology offers several relevant courses including “patent law” and “ethical and legal aspects of modern biology”. Finally, a number of events, i.e. the yearly Welcome Week, the International Students’ Symposium, the Graduate Schools' Day and the Seasonal Get-Together help to produce an open and accommodating atmosphere.