Graduiertenkolleg 2157

    Andreas Beilhack

    Prof. Dr. Andreas Beilhack

    IZKF Research Laboratory
    Dept. of Medicine II & Pediatrics
    Würzburg University Hospital, ZEMM
    Zinklesweg 19
    D-97078 Würzburg

    Tel.: 0931 201 44040
    Fax: 0931 201 27639

    Email: beilhack_a@ukw.de
    Web: www.beilhack.org

    Reseach area:
    Immunology and Imaging

    Andreas Beilhack has established multi-colour light-sheet and multiphoton 3D localization microscopy with photoactivatable fluorescent probes to enable improved sectioning and 3D reconstruction over large axial regions. He combines efforts with Markus Sauer to extract reliable numbers of host and pathogen molecules present, controls experiments including suitable reference structures, and develops algorithms for data analysis. The quantitative localization microscopy tools are accompanied by correlative electron microscopy and array tomography experiments provided by the imaging core facility of the Biocenter.