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Alterations of programme

Monday, 4 of July

Location for the Dialogue of the Religions changed into
Toskanasaal, Residenz

Wednesday, 6 of July

We are happy to announce a new presentation in addition to the Event

"Taurus and Elephant" at 18 p.m. in the Botanical Garden:

* India – the next giant in world economy?, Prof. Ronald Bogaschwesky
India has been one of the promising BRIC states for quite a while. However, can India keep pace with China, the fastest growing economy of the world ? Or is a slightly slower way to develop things even better ? As a democracy (people-wise the largest of the world) with many bureaucratic obstacles, India seem to fall behind against some other Asian countries. But, couldn’t a slightly slower pace in leaping forward produce better results in the long term ? Trying to let the people being part of progress as well as having the youngest workforce worldwide for the decades to come and putting emphasis on higher education such as universities may result in a sustainable competitive advantage – if nothing goes wrong…

Thursday, 7 of July

We are very sad to announce that Prof. Lingadevaru Halemane, Alumnus and Director of the Ranagyana Theatre in Mysore died in the night of june 7.

Thus the following seminar will not take place:

4:15 p.m.  “Berthold Brecht and his influence on contemporarian playwriting”, Kai Tuchmann, Dramatic Adviser of the Mainfrankentheater, exchange with Professor Lingadevaru Halemane, Director of Rangayana Theatre in Mysore, India, Übungsraum 22, Am Hubland

Instead we invite you at 15:45 p.m. to

The language of Bollywoods, Dr. Rainer Lotz, Veranstaltungsraum der Universitätsbibliothek, Hubland


Bollywood productions today are recognised for generating and transmitting contemporary popular culture in India. By their style and language the films mix various cultural traditions. Thereby, they project ideas and emotions of a pan Indian community which in view of the existing diversity and geographical expansion are not readily perceived.

The presentation might also invite some reflections of the linguistic situation in Europe. It will be illustrated by samples from movies and extracts from interviews with Indian experts, incl. the late Professor Halemane who should have attended the Euro-Indian Week, but sadly died on 8th of June this year.