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Dr. Barbara Radulovic

What does sustainable work and research mean to you? (not only in the ecological context)

Working and researching in sustainable way means to provide working conditions which are supportive and motivating for employees, enable them to express maximum of their creativity.


In your opinion, what needs to be done to make the world more peaceful?

If we want to make world better and more peaceful place it is necessary to rise people awareness that we are all connected and depend on each other. It is priority to work on strengthening relationships between people of different nationalities and religion through highlighting our common interest.


How do you plan to share the results of the forum in a lasting way?

One of the possibilities for sharing results of the forum is to present them to students at my Faculty, which will then transfer them to the students of other faculties throught the student network.


Which animal would you consider the better human?

In my opinion every animal could be considered as a better human. The reason is that comparing with humans animals are not greedy and crave, perfectly satisfied and peaceful after they fulfill their basic needs.