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EU-Nachbarschaftsforum Ägypten

The Charta of Human rights of the European Union and the EU 2020 Strategy is promoting peace and well-being. Cooperation between all member states, growth as well as exchange within Europe and at with its neighbor states should be increased. Mutual scientific projects and topics like lifelong learning, integration and the support of sustainable technologies are highlighted.

Alumni can use their intercultural experience and international networks to improve integration and interaction between the countries.

With regard to current political events within the European Countries and Egypt, a growing engagement of the civil society is of particular relevance and should be dealt with in the course of an EU – Egypt Forum at the University of Wuerzburg. Another program pillar consists of workshops and seminars, either referring to scientific management or the own field of profession. Completed will the program with socializing and networking events and time in the faculties.

Results of this forum are supposed to be carried to the corresponding home countries by the Alumni. Beyond that, contacts between Alumni and the university should be established or strengthened.

Program Schedule 6 to 9 of November 2018 in Wuerzburg