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Rudolf Virchow Center for Integrative and Translational Bioimaging

Translational Bioimaging Symposium 2024

Keynote Speakers

Kai Johnsson

" Development and application of innovative chemical tools, particularly fluorescent probes"

Heidelberg (Germany)

Christophe Zimmer

Computational methods for analyzing dynamic biological processes"

Würzburg (Germany)

Invited Speakers

Ellen Sletten

"Polymethine fluorophores for imaging in the shortwave infrared region"

Los Angeles (USA)

Gil Westmeyer

"Novel probes for non-invasive visualization of molecular and cellular processes in living organisms"

Munich (Germany)


"Multi-functional chemical probes for glycan imaging"


Johannes Broichhagen

"Chemical Biology Approaches to lighten up Cell Surface Proteins"

Berlin (GER)

Dagmar Kainmüller

"Developing advanced computational methods for image analysis and machine learning"

Berlin (Germany)

Tamara Girbl

"New insights into the mechanisms of leukocyte migration through blood vessel walls uncovered by intravital microscopy"

Würzburg (Germany)

Sabine Fischer

"Image-based mechanistic modelling of spatial interactions in multi-cellular systems"

Würzburg (Germany)

Katrin Streckfuß-Bömeke

"Use of stem cell derivatives and artificially produced cardiac organoids in the field of cardiovascular precision medicine and drug analysis"

Würzburg (Germany)

Izzy Jayasinghe

"Standardising and adapting expansion microscopy for imaging intracellular signalling complexes"


Julia Heiby

"Advancing proteomics techniques to investigate intricate protein localization patterns"

Jena (Germany)

Philip Tovote

Optical methods to study neural circuit function"

Würzburg (Germany)

Kathrin Doppler

Damage to the nodes of Ranvier in peripheral neuropathies"

Würzburg (Germany)

Rafael E Carazo Salas

"Visualising and Predicting Human Stem Cell Differentiation Dynamics"

Bristol (UK)

Jonathan Liu

" Nondestructive 3D pathology and analysis for precision treatments"

Washington (USA)

Peter Horvath

Solving computational cell biology problems related to light microscopy "

Szeged (Hungary)

Alexander Seitel

"Development and application of advanced medical imaging techniques"

Heidelberg (Germany)

Stephan Preibisch

"Analysis and visualization of large-scale, high-dimensional biological imaging data"

Berlin (GER)