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Rudolf Virchow Center for Integrative and Translational Bioimaging

Family and research at the RVZ

The compatibility of career and family is an important concern of the Rudolf Virchow Center and the University of Würzburg. It remains a special challenge in science. Flexibility and mobility are required. Together with the Family Service of the University of Würzburg, we offer possibilities to improve this balancing act.

Our offers in-house and within the university:


If there is a problem in childcare, your child can simply come with you to your RVZ office and finds meaningful activities, a protected place to sleep / change diapers, play and painting materials and other things in our in-house KidsBox. The box can be rolled into the office and the room becomes very quickly a "parent-child office". The KidsBox is equipped for infants and children up to elementary school age and is available to all RVZ employees free of charge and at short notice.

More information about the KidsBox (company website)


In addition to the KidsBox, there is also a quiet room for pregnant women and nursing mothers in the D15 building.


The Family Service of the University of Würzburg offers childcare during academic events in Würzburg. Together, we determine the need and discuss all important details in advance so that parents can relax and concentrate on their program.

This care is also available to external speakers during an event in Würzburg and was most recently used by Prof Ulrike Endesfelder. Her feedback after her lecture (September 2022): "For me the supervision was great, thank you! Everything worked out well and Leah was very satisfied."  

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Promoting young talent is a central mission of the Rudolf Virchow Center. In order to get children and young people interested in science, the Public Science Center offers various programs in our own school lab, from elementary school to high school, during school hours or free time.

  • The Rudis Forschercamp is for children aged eight to twelve. It is designed to convey fun in the natural sciences in a playful way.
  • The Virchowlab is aimed at all schools and grades 8 and up. Interest in the natural sciences is encouraged through curriculum-intensive experimentation.
  • On Sendung mit der Maus WDR Door Opener Day (October 3), the Rudolf Virchow Center also opens its doors to curious children aged six to twelve.
  • The Rudis Ferien-Forschercamp is designed for children aged 10 to 13. It is an additional offer for former 'Rudis' (researcher camp) during the Bavarian summer vacations.
  • In the Virchow Trainee-Lab, pupils (from 8th grade) get the perfect chance to get to know the daily work of our laboratory staff during the school vacations.

More information about the different offers at the RVZ Schülerlabor


The Campus Kinderhaus (kindergarten) is a facility of the University of Würzburg under the operating sponsorship of the Zweckverband evangelischer Kindertagesstätten.

More Information (Website Campus Kinderhaus)

Download Flyer Campus Kinderhaus

The Family Service offers care for school children aged 6-10 during all Bavarian school vacations, i.e. winter, Easter as well as summer, autumn and on the Day of Prayer and Repentance. The Campus Camp is available to all children of employees and students of the Julius-Maximilians University and the University Hospital Würzburg.

Link to the holiday care website

Family Service will be happy to help you find a suitable tutoring service for your child(ren).

Our tutoring service consists of students who have experience and enjoy teaching children.

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More information

You have many questions and don't know where to start? We at the Family Service of the University of Würzburg are your advice center when it comes to the topic of university & family.

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