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Rudolf Virchow Center for Integrative and Translational Bioimaging

Böttcher Group

We use and develop high-resolution electron cryo microscopy and image processing to understand how biological complexes work. In particular we are interested in the modular organization, which enables complex functionalities by combining various modules with different properties into a single entity.  

Structural dynamics of Biological Complexes

To learn more about the unifying structural principles of complex functionality we study many different types of complexes in different functional states. Among these complexes are mechanosensitive channels of small conductance. Here we want to elucidate how the interplay between proteins and lipids enables gating and mechanosensation.  Other complexes include viral capsids, for which we want to clarify the structural mechanisms of signalling and viral maturation.

Website Chair of Biochemistry

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Prof. Dr. Bettina Böttcher

Rudolf-Virchow-Zentrum - Center for Integrative and Translational Bioimaging
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Vanessa Flegler

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Tamsanqa Tafara Hove

Head of Image-Processing Facility (electron cryo microscopy)
Rudolf-Virchow-Zentrum - Center for Integrative and Translational Bioimaging
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Dr. Tim Rasmussen

Rudolf-Virchow-Zentrum - Center for Integrative and Translational Bioimaging
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Room: 00.033

Current position


Professor for Biochemistry with Focus on Electron Cryo Microscopy at the Julius-Maximilians University Würzburg (since 2016).

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since 2016

Professor for Biochemistry with Focus on Electron Cryo Microscopy at the Julius-Maximilians University Würzburg


Personal Chair in Electron Microscopy and Image Processing at the University of Edinburgh, School of Biological Sciences


Head of the Cryo-EM facility in Edinburgh


Reader at the University of Edinburgh, School of Biological Sciences


Group leader at the EMBL-Heidelberg


C1-position in Physical Chemistry at the Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg


PostDoc at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Medical Research council, Cambridge UK




Habilitation; Venia Legendi in Physical Chemistry; Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg


Dr. rer. nat.: University Stuttgart


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Since 2017

Member of the Faculty of 1000

since 2014

since 2012

Member of the editorial board of PeerJ

Member of the Editorial Board of Scientifica


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Darwin-Trust Senior Research Fellow



Ernst Ruska Prize for Electron Microscopy

Boris-Rajewsky Prize for Biophysics


Human Capital and Mobility fellowship (EU)




DFG-Research Fellowship

Lecture/ seminar in imaging techniques in the life sciences

Literature seminar `Electron Microscopy in Structural Biology`

Methods in Life Sciences (Focus Lecture)

Lecture /Seminar Electron microscopy and image processing in structural biology

Internship Electron microscopy und imaging techniques