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Rudolf Virchow Center for Experimental Biomedicine

Technologies at the Rudolf Virchow Center

One of the aims of founding the Rudolf Virchow Center was to provide a technological backbone for the biomedical community in Würzburg. In Germany this is normally only achieved in non-university institutes. Key technologies established in our research groups include for example structural biology and molecular microscopy. Additional techniques are offered in collaboration with other institutes and laboratories. Here, you can find an overview of the techniques available at the Rudolf Virchow Center.

Microarrays and Peptide Synthesis

Provision of Peptides and Peptide Arrays based on massive parallel and automated chemical synthesis.


High-performance technology for imaging.


Mass Spectrometry

Seperartion of ion accroding to their mass/charge ratio by using mass spectrometry.

Molecular Biology

The most up-to-date technologies at the center in molecular biology.

Structural Biology

X-ray structural analysis and cryo electron microscopy for analysing the three-dimensional structure of biological macromolecules.