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Uni Event

Welcome to the website of our childcare service UNI EVENT.

Are you organizing an event at or by the University of Würzburg or the University Hospital and would like to offer your participants and speakers the option to have childcare?

With Uni Event, we are pleased to be able to offer you childcare during events. Together we will determine your needs and discuss all the important details in advance, so that parents can fully concentrate on their event.

At least 8 weeks before the start of the event, ask how many participants will need childcare. Ideally, you can already determine the exact days/times. In addition to the number of children, it is also important for us to know the children’s age and whether they already have experience of with external childcare. This enables us to estimate how many caregivers will be needed. Another important question is whether a room for childcare is available at the event location or nearby, or whether we need to look for alternatives. Who will cover the costs of childcare? (department chairs often have equal opportunities funding available for this)


Please contact us by email at or call us at 0931-31 86868.

Together we will discuss the appropriate number of caregivers and whether additional equipment will need to be provided by us. We will then start looking for suitable childcare staff. Once this has been found, you will receive an order form from us in which the most important points are laid out.

Approximately one week before the start of the event, we will contact the parents by e-mail, provide information about the assigned childcare staff and obtain individual information about the children in order to be optimally prepared for the children and their specific needs.

The caregivers will discuss the exact daily schedule, such as break times, directly with the parents on site.

After the event, we look forward to receiving feedback from both the parents and the organizer. Finally, at the end of the event, you will receive an invoice for the childcare or the internal billing by email.

1. Before the event is advertised: clarify any potential questions with us by telephone (0931/31-86868) or by e-mail

2. At the time of the announcement: provide exact details (How many children? How old? Times of childcare?)

3. Internal university arrangements: is there a room for childcare? Are the costs covered by the department chair, for example?

4. Contact us subsequentlyagain, so that the search for caregivers can begin

5. Up to 4 weeks before the event: we will make all the final arrangements together


depending on agreement and request:

  • Hourly rate: € 17.55 /per caregiver
  • Rental of toy boxes: free of charge
  • Rental of other equipment: free of charge
  • Corona test: costs determined individually