The Weight of Remembering (2022)

During our seminar, we have been trying to understand the concepts of monuments and memory. What is a monument? What does it mean to remember historical events? How do we, as conscious beings, deal with our troublesome past?

When brainstorming for our project, one idea stuck out the most: A video podcast, but not just any podcast, we wanted to make it personal, accessible, and easy to connect with. 

We therefore decided to work with our friends from Italy, Poland, and Argentina, handing them questions and discussing different monuments and their take on the impact they left on their culture. Do we feel different about the same monument? What are our first impressions? 

We hope we can share our personal opinions on these questions through our video podcast and shed some light on our differences as well as our similarities.

Introduction and Presentation of Holocaust Monument in Berlin

Introduction of different Monuments from Italy, Poland and Argentina

Different Cultures work differently with History